1⃣️ CoCo(Chinese🇨🇳重庆) 前凸后翘,听话配合,丝袜诱惑 100% 本人店里实拍, 最后一天20号(120-180-260-320)

22y-166cm-48kg-36C Light Skin And Cute, Don’t Miss Her!  Last Day On 20th.(Rose 120-1260-320) 

2⃣️ Bella(🇦🇺) 大长腿,平腹细腿,最后一天24号 (价格 120-180 -260-320 )

​23Y-165cm-48kg-34C .All Natural ,Flat Belly And Long legs  , Don’t Miss Her !!!! Last Day On 24TH ( Rose 120-180-260-320)

♥Available : 10am-11pm (Call At 9am For 1st Appt)

♥Only Appointment And Only Regulars (Or Offer Reference) /不接陌生号,朋友介绍先短信

♥Guaranteed Real Photos Taken The First Day/保证真人现场照片

♥ Accept Venmo , Wechat , Apipay (支持Venmo,微信,支付宝 )